How We Love Workshop – Oct 13

Spring Lake, MI

Sponsored by Bridge to Life Ministries:

For whom is this workshop?
  • For singles desiring better friendships and connections or who are contemplating marriage.
  • For married couples who wish to feel greater levels of emotional and sexual closeness.
  • For married people hoping to learn some reasons for their current marriage struggles.
  • For divorced or separated persons seeking to understand where things may have gone wrong.
  • For parents desiring to learn ways to lessen conflict and get closer to their children and teens.

Overview of this six hour seminar:

Part 1: What Determines How You Love
  • Why Every Marriage Gets Stuck
  • The Revealing Question You Need to Answer
  • Imprints of Intimacy from Our First Lessons in Love
  • Ideal Love Lessons: The Secure Connector
Part 2: Styles That Impair How We Love
  • The Avoider Love Style
  • The Pleaser Love Style
  • The Vacillator Love Style
  • The Chaotic (Controller and Victim) Love Styles
  • Identifying Your Love Style
Part 3: Duets That Damage How We Love
  • What happen when the Avoider relates to the Pleaser?
  • The Avoider relates to the Vacillator?
  • The Vacillator relates to the Pleaser?
  • The Controller relates to the Victim?
  • As common combinations are discussed couples are surprised to discover how much their marriage problems resemble other couples. This discovery offers feelings of hope.
Part 4: Changing How We Love
  • The Comfort Circle
  • Seek Awareness
  • Engage, Explore, Resolve
  • Seeing into Your Spouse’s Soul: Milan and Kay work with a couple live on stage.
Holding Time:
  • Milan and Kay demonstrate a holding time and explain how this practice changed their marriage.

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