Focus on the Family Broadcast

We are excited to announce that Milan and Kay will once again be on Focus on the Family. The broadcasts will be aired on February 13-14, 2020

The title of the broadcast is: How To Have a Better Sex Life by Understanding Your Love Style I-II

On the scheduled airdate, the streaming audio of this broadcast will appear on our episode page at this address: (day 1) and (day 2) along with a brief description of the conversation you had with Jim.


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I wanted to THANK GOD for YOU, and HOW WE LOVE!!! We are returning to our fourth or more, at Long Beach Christian Fellowship or LBCF, under Barbara and John Sunofsky, as our Family MInistry Pastors. We pray for you and the God Given Ministry to “LOVE GOD”, AND Love our NEIGHBOR (SPOUSE). Thanks be to GOD for His Word, and Gifts. Now we are getting into the of THE Kingdom of GOD. We are still recovering, Avoider, and Pleaser, as you two are, so the dance continues to change, as we expose it to the word that allows tranformation. Val and Rick

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