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This section contains free downloads and helpful tools!

Journaling Awareness Worksheet (PDF)

This worksheet guide helps to increase self-awareness by allowing feelings to surface in order to observe, describe and understand them without judging them as right or wrong, good or bad. Use this worksheet for journaling to deepen your awareness.
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Soul Word List (PDF)

A helpful word-reference guide that enables you to accurately describe your feelings (Avoiders will really love this!).
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Comfort Circle Guide For The Listener (PDF)

A resource to help you complete the Comfort Circle as the listener. Increase your awareness about each other by listening to your partner and asking good questions.
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Secure Connector Self Assessment Form (Link)

A helpful resource that allows you to self-assess your progress towards becoming a Secure Connector. When used in conjunction with the Love Style quiz, this printable form can become a very powerful tool.
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Resolution: Repairing After a Rupture (PDF)

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When Attachment Histories Collide (Word Document)

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Conflict Comfort Circle Guide for the Listener (Word Document)

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Media Appearances

Some of our media appearances are available to watch or listen to for free!

The Dustin Daniels Show: How do we love? (Radio)

This radio interview originally aired on the Dustin Daniels Show on April 07, 2013.

Have you ever paused long enough to ponder why you keep making the same choices over and over again? Have you rested long enough to realize that you’ve had the very same reactions to the very same problems for years… maybe even decades?

What about your spouse? Have you ever considered that what bothers you most about your spouse is indeed not about you at all, but may be traced to childhood experiences?
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The Dustin Daniels Show: How do we love… Sexually? (Radio)

This radio interview originally aired on the Dustin Daniels Show on April 14, 2013.

How does my love style affect intimacy with my spouse? How does my childhood experiences affect my sex life with my spouse?

Believe it or not, sex is actually part of our walk with God. We have a choice to allow God to redeem our mistakes and begin the recovery process from these broken places. We have a choice to allow Almighty God to make our sex life holy!

To do this, we must first learn the precursor to sexual intimacy. What is it? Listen and find out!
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