Love Style: The Vacillator Audio (MP3)


Explore the in-depth profile of the Vacillator Love Style, including their parenting tendencies and sexual propensities.

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The Vacillator

Feeling let down and disappointed by those you love the most? In this 60 minute talk, Milan and Kay go beyond the material in “How We Love” and explore an in-depth profile of the Vacillator Love Style.  Parenting tendencies of the Vacillator are discussed as well as the sexual propensities with their spouse.

Relationships can be a labyrinth of turmoil and confusing feelings, but deeper understanding leads to improved relationships, better parenting, and spiritual growth. Learn the root of your relational highs and lows and how to engage with your emotions in a healthy manner.

This download is also available as part of The Love Styles – Complete Lecture Series (Audio Download).

This lecture is also available as an audio CD!

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  • The Love Styles: The Vacillator (MP3)