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Make your How We Love journey easier with the How We Love Workbook. This book is a helpful companion to the new 2017 edition of the How We Love book provides practical, solution-focused tools for building a stronger, more passionate marriage, including guidance, plans, and assessments geared towards healing and improving your relationship.

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Insight is easy, but change takes work.  We have made the journey easier by providing you with a workbook that helps anyone apply the principles in How We Love. Formerly the workbook was in the back of the How WE Love paperback version, the workbook has been separated into a separate book due to the extra material added in the expanded version of How WE Love.

Past experiences shape your behavior, beliefs, and expectations of all current relationships, especially marriage.

This powerful companion guidebook–perfect for use on your own or in a group setting–will help you apply the principles from How We Love and break free of the harmful imprints of the past. Inside you’ll find practical, solution-focused tools for building a stronger, more passionate marriage, including…

  • Specific questions to help you and your spouse pinpoint barriers to intimacy
  • An assessment tool for identifying your intimacy imprint
  • Strategic guidance in applying the principles for increasing intimacy
  • Questions to help you understand the historical roots of your core pattern
  • A plan for developing clear, personalized goals for your marriage relationship

Let relationship experts Milan & Kay Yerkovich guide you through a process of discovery that has transformed countless relationships, taking your marriage to a whole new level of intimacy as you learn to change how you love.

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