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In How We Love, relationship experts Milan and Kay Yerkovich draw on the powerful tool of attachment theory to show how your early life experiences created an “intimacy imprint”–an underlying blueprint that shapes your behavior, beliefs, and expectations of all relationships, especially your marriage.


They identify four types of injured imprints that combine in marriage to trap couples in a repetitive dance of pain.

The groundbreaking principles and practical, solution-focused tools in this book will equip you to…

  • identify the imprints disrupting your marriage
  • understand how your love style impacts your mate
  • gain insight into the predictable core pattern created as your love styles collide
  • enhance your emotional connection and sexual intimacy
  • A separate corresponding workbook to guide you on a journey of growth

Discover the truths that have transformed countless relationships– including the authors’ marriage–so you can stop stepping on each other’s toes and instead be swept along by the music of a richer, more passionate relationship.



You can also purchase the book directly from the Romanian publisher.

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