What’s YOUR Reality TV show?

What’s YOUR Reality TV show?
(First in a four part series)

Reality shows are in right now.

There is American Idol, where Simon says, “I think your performance was just karaoke.”

Then there is “So you think you can dance,” and Twitch loses in the last round to Josh… amazing dancers.

And what about Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  I think that there are many who watch the show who secretly wish they had Extreme Makeover Spouse Edition, so that when the crowd chants “Driver… Move that bus,” what appears is the spouse you’ve always dreamed of.

And then there is Project Runway… which is so “fierce”.  And where Tim says, “Alright designers get back to work.”

And what about Hell’s Kitchen where an angry, controlling, narcissistic chef, abuses aspiring cooks who tolerate the intolerable (perhaps a recreation of their own childhood) just for the chance to become a top chef?

All of these shows are about people who have hopes, dreams and fantasies, yet for many of them, to lose means going back to the reality of real life, and the disappointment and depression that true reality brings.

I am often asked, “What is the most common call that you receive on the radio at New Life Live?

I answer, “The massive internal struggle that people face at the disparity between idealistic fantasies versus reality.”

One man called our radio show was sharing about his recovery from enslavement to pornography.   He lived in a fantasy world with people who were not real, merely facades of sexuality with whom he had a daily “relationship” which would make him feel good today.  When faced with reality at Celebrate Recovery or Every Man’s Battle book and Workshop or Operation Integrity with David Zailer here are Coast Hills Church, he lamented, “I missed so much time with my kids, even when I was with them, I didn’t know how to be with them.”

Reality is always rougher than fantasy.

So we escape into hopes, dreams, fantasies and obsessive thoughts about an idealized future… what it will be like someday… and what will make me happy … then.

What is solid?

What is a mirage?

What will provide me with real security, not a false security that comes from a buoyed up spirit about a news year’s resolution or a 5 year business plan that has yet to materialize.

Where does real security come from?

True security comes from real realities.

We’ll use Hebrews 10:1-25 as our base for understanding our true reality show. Next week we will study Hebrews 10:1-4 and discuss the realities of the Old Testament believers.

Love and blessings,

Milan and Kay

Next week: The realities of the Old Testament believers