Therapist Training

Therapist Training

Mission Viejo, CA

Therapist Continuing Education: “Working with Couples Using Attachment Theory” with Milan and Kay Yerkovich: Friday, July 29, 2016
6 CE Credits
This six hour course equips Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Interns and students to utilize Attachment Theory as a framework for couples’ therapy. Presenting issues that bring couples into therapy can frequently be dissected to reveal how attachment injuries give rise to the presenting symptoms.
A review of Attachment Theory and research contrasts 5 common injurious Attachment Styles that block intimacy with Secure Attachment. By teaching participants the interplay of the couples’ Attachment Styles and the common core patterns of interaction that they produce, the therapist is equipped to target root issues rather than focusing on the surface symptoms.
Specific therapeutic interventions are demonstrated, giving therapists the tools required to achieve treatment goals. This course teaches current peer reviewed research in the field of adult attachment and then goes beyond theory to practical application that creates a structure and map for effective couples’ theory.

The California Board of Behavioral Sciences and the American Psychological Association authorizes Relationship 180 to provide training and continuing education units to counseling professionals. This course provides 6 CE Credits.

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