The Need for a Clear Perspective

It is so very easy to forget the good and loving plans God has for us.

We live in a broken world.

People we love hurt us.

There are reports of evil on the front page of the newspaper every morning.

Our spouse disappoints us or even worse betrays our trust.

Our kid’s life is a mess.

Someone we love is desperately ill.

We are lost in the pain of the death of someone we dearly loved.

We lose our spiritual perspective when we lose sight of God’s work behind the dark clouds of brokenness and sin that envelop us like a dense fog.

As Eugene Peterson says in his book, Run with the Horses,

“First impressions and surface appearances are deceiving.  We underestimate God and we overestimate evil.  We don’t see what God is doing and conclude that he is doing nothing.  We see everything that evil is doing and think it is in control of everyone…For if we are going to live in God’s image, alive to all that is God, open and responsive to all he is doing, we must trust in his work, trust what we do not see. (p.57)

We need time and space to keep our vision clear. Having time with God, going to church, meeting with a small group is all about regaining the unseen perspective of spiritual realities… because we forget.

There are several foundational viewpoints that help me regain my perspective when life has pulled me down into a vortex of confusion and I am spun around by doubt and spit out of a trial too weary to care about much of anything.

Over the next few weeks I hope these perspectives help you catch your breath, find your footing and guide you back to truth.

Thanks for listening,

Love and Blessings,

Milan & Kay