Temperament: Judging and Perceiving

Temperament:  Judging and Perceiving

These are rather strange words until you understand their meaning.  Lets begin this week by reading through each type and then I’ll explain.  This last category looks at how you approach your world.  It speaks to your lifestyle preference.

JUDGING [J]: (About 50% of population.)

  • Enjoys being organized and decisive.
  • Lives according to plans.  Standards and customs are not easily or lightly set aside.  Complains if plans change.
  • Likes to have life under control.
  • Like to have matters settled and decided as promptly as possible so that they can know what is happening and can plan for it and be prepared.
  • Think or feel they know what other people ought to do and are not adverse to telling them so.
  • They take pleasure in getting something finished, out of the way and off their minds.
  • Aim to be right!  Emphatic!
  • Self regimented, purposeful and exacting.
  • Future plans are important.
  • Work first then play.
  • Like routines, clear limits and deadlines.
  • Want questions answered.
  • Usually knows about what time it is and how long something will take.

PERCEPTIVE [P]:  (About 50% of population.)

  • Enjoys being curious and discovering surprises.
  • Lives according to the situation of the moment and adjust themselves easily to the unexpected.  Adapt when plans change.
  • Prefers to experience life as it happens.  Spontaneous.
  • Like to keep decisions open as long as possible before doing anything irrevocable, because they don’t feel they know nearly enough about it yet.
  • They like to know what other people are doing and are interested in seeing how it comes out.
  • Take great pleasure in starting something new, until the newness wears off.
  • Aim to miss nothing.
  • Flexible, adaptable and tolerant.
  • Present experience is important.
  • Play first or play while you work.
  • Like change, variety and tend to procrastinate.
  • Answers questions with questions.
  • “Time” is relative.  Difficulty judging how long something will take.

The first category is called “judging”.  The word implies liking to have things decided, planned and organized.  It does not mean you are judgmental as much as it means you can easily make decisions and feel peaceful and settled when you know what to expect.

Perceptive are just the opposite.    They enjoy gathering information and considering all the possibilities.  They actually feel uneasy once a decision is made because they might find out more information and want to change their mind. For example, Judging types like to plan and organize a vacation from start to finish.  Agendas are set ahead.  Perceptives like to wander and take detours and see what is happening in the moment.  It’s easy to see how these two can have conflict.  Accepting the differences and some give and take can make living together a lot easier.

I’ve just given you a taste of temperaments in the last weeks.  Be sure and get the book,

Please Understand Me, by Keirsey and Bates, if you find this fascinating like I do.

Milan and Kay

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