Understanding Temperament :  The Sensory and Intuitive

Start by rereading last week’s newsletter and review the temperament traits of the sensory person and the Intuitive person.  Let’s talk about how the Intuitive person and the Sensing person clash in marriage. Milan is a sensor and I am an intuitive, although I must say he’s getting pretty darn intuitive these days.  This brings up a good point.  While we have our temperament preferences we can learn from our spouse how to appreciate and develop traits and abilities that don’t come naturally.

Here are common complaints of Sensors living with Intuitives.

My spouse has their head in the clouds.

They have all these ideas that are not realistic.

Sometimes my spouse talks and I can’t follow their train of thought.

My spouse gets restless and bored if they are not challenged.

My spouse misses details that are obvious to me.

My spouse won’t read instructions.

Sometimes I am trying to have a conversation with my spouse and their head is off in the clouds

Here are common complaints of Intutives Living with Sensors:

My spouse always finds fault with my great ideas and rains on my parade.

My spouse is to picky about little things that don’t matter.

My spouse would be happy if I did the same old thing for 100 years.

My spouse corrects me if I don’t get every detail right.

In some marriage both partners may be sensors, or intuitives.  There will be less conflict and misunderstandings if this is true.  While these temperament differences can be irritating, the sensor and intuitive can be a dynamic duo if each will learn from the other.

Intuitives do have great, imaginative ideas.  They are often entrepreneurs and great at initiating new projects and ideas.    However, they do miss some important details and realistic facts.  If they can learn to incorporate these into their imaginative, creative ideas, a lot more will happen a lot quicker.

The benefit of understanding these temperament differences is that we don’t take the different perspectives as a personal irritation.  Milan knows I’m not good at details.  We joke about it.  He has learned to listen to my gut feelings and know they are often (not always) correct.  If this sounds like a common area of conflict in your marriage get thebook, Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types and educate yourself further on these differences.

Next week we will talk about the Thinker and Feeler.  I can just imagine that is going to hit home with a lot of you.

Milan and Kay

Here is the link to to order the book “Please Understand Me”!!!