Rupture and Repair


Hello cyberspace friends.

Millie is still in the hospital and Milan is up to his ears in things to do so I’m taking over the newsletters for a while.

I have a great subject in mind so get ready for a thought provoking series.

The title for the next five or six weeks will be, LOVE LESSONS ABOUT RUPTURE AND REPAIR.  

So, let’s dive in.

There are big ruptures.

I see Japan after the earthquake.

Houses ripped off their foundations, cars overturned like small toys.

I see downcast eyes, frantic searching and the aimless wandering of ruptured hearts.

Occasionally a ray of light punctures the barren wasteland when lost ones are restored.

Arms gripping tight locked in an embrace of relief receiving the gift of more time, another opportunity for loving.

Divorce, betrayal, revenge, death, abandonment.

These are earthquake ruptures.

Trust is destroyed.

It will take a lot of time and effort to rebuild.

It will require humility, confession, forbearance and careful listening to the pain of the heart-wound to stop the hemorrhaging that sin always causes.

Smaller ruptures happen every day in relationships that are not so life threatening.

A harsh word

An overlooked anniversary.

Being late.

Critical words.

An indifferent tone.

Pouty withdrawal

Then there are the necessary ruptures:  saying no to a child who wants candy before dinner.

Telling a spouse you will be available to listen after the rage is over.

Saying no to a request for your time that preserves the margins you need to live well.

This week I am asking you to be aware.

Self aware and other aware to notice ruptures.

Notice how they happen.

Notice if there is any repair.

Next week I have some thought provoking question.

Thanks for listening.

Love and Blessings,

Milan & Kay

Next Week:  More Relationship Tips and Advice