Our Prayer for You

Most of you reading these newsletters have read our book, How We Love.  If you haven’t we hope you will make the time soon.  We continue to be amazed at how God is using this book to heal and restore marriages and other relationships as well.  If you have read the book you have been personally prayed for by Milan and me.  When we finished the book, I had a moment of inspiration and wrote this prayer.  Milan and I sat in our home and prayed this prayer together out loud for anyone who would read our book.

I don’t think I have even experienced such a strong presence of the Holy Spirit as I did when we prayed this together.  It was one of those moments when I knew this was God’s work and we were vessels in His hands.  Only God knows all the people we prayed for that day but we knew we were praying into the future and for people we would never personally meet or know this side of heaven.  In the next six weeks I want to remind of what we prayed.  I want to pray for you again and explain why these words felt inspired beyond my ability.    For this week just read the prayer slowly and thoughtfully.  Choose one line that stands out to you?  Why?  Personalize that line with names.  Write it down and pray it daily.   Let me know if you get an answer.

Lord, we ask for each person who has taken the time to read, How We Love, and for ourselves as well that you would grant us the courage to continue to grow.  Give us each wisdom and insights to love our mates more deeply and with more compassion as we become aware of their wounds.   Help us preserve through the storms we bring into each other’s lives.  Grant us the ability to love as you love with a willingness to bear each other’s sin and shame.  As you left the glory of heaven and entered into a broken world, give us the courage to enter into the broken places of our spouses and love them in their darkest places. Grant us the profound experience of seeing into each other’s souls.  Encourage us along the way when we are tired and weary and want to give up.  Show us glimpses of the redemptive power of love and teach us to sing a new song as we change how we love.  Amen.


Milan and Kay

Next week:  Are you Growing?