NEW: Therapist Training Series on DVD!

We are SO excited to announce that we have a new product specifically designed for Therapists, Counselors and other lay people who want to learn Milan and Kay’s approach to using Attachment Theory in a counseling setting.

Most couples can describe their core pattern; a repetitive, reactive interchange that happens over and over. Many therapists try to modify the symptoms and complaints generated by this frustrating dance without understanding and addressing the roots. These tenacious cycles are created as each spouse’s attachment injuries collide in marriage. In our approach (Attachment Core Pattern Therapy) we help couples define the attachment wounds that drive the cycle and recognize the source of their reactivity. We help couples recognize the core pattern as the enemy, not each other. Breaking out of the core pattern and moving toward secure connection is the goal of ACPT Couples Therapy. Singles, divorcees, and individuals can identify their attachment style, deepen their self-awareness and understand why others react in predictable ways.

This 6 hour course includes:

  • Two DVD’s and 93 power point slides.
  • Syllabus 100 pages including
  • Six Attachment Styles
  • Explanations of the most common core patterns
  • Therapist and client friendly diagrams to identify attachment styles and core patterns
  • Evaluations
  • Handouts you can copy and give to couples.
  • A copy of the Vacillator/Avoider Core Pattern.
    This is one of the most common core patterns of couples seeking therapy and the file contains a diagram of the core pattern and a full description of this interaction with interventions and growth goals

For more information, including and an introductory video from Milan and Kay, please click here.

Also, please join us for our annual Therapist Training in Orange County, CA on July 28th, 2017. For more information, or to register for this event, please click here.