How do you experience God’s love?

Thanks to all of you who took the time to answer our question.  If you haven’t had time, please send us your response. ( See last post) We are enjoying the variety of answers and how personal God is in different ways to different people!


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When my friend told me that she’d pray for me and my kids so I’d not have to think of all 4 of my kids even once,while we went on a trip,that was love.
When my husband came out looking for me while I was running and a storm was coming..that was love.
When my friend came over with an armful of lilies after my brother committed suicide..and I was in my robe depressed and in despair ..that was love.
When my in laws didn’t tell us that my brother committed suicide and let us finish our Disney vacation ..that was love.
When my mom told me that I was her “gift” born before Christmas..that was love(she was verbally abusive while growing up)
When my prodigal son came home and sat down long enough to show me how to make a photo book and was patient with my computer ineptness ..that was love.
When my husband looks at me with “that look” and he doesn’t have to say it,but I know he loves me.that is love.
When my heart tells me so clearly while mindlessly shopping around target,”Kerri I love you and treasure you ,there is none like you ” That is my father’s love. None can does or will ever love me like HE does.

I am 60 years old and very recently discovered that I am a vacillator. How do I experience God’s love? When I read scripture, John 3:16, for an example, I am gently reminded that it is true; the Creator loves me. I do not “feel ” unloved, but many times it takes reading it in Scripture or hearing it in a sermon or song lyric to be reawakened to this absolute truth. I appreciate the reminder and am working on ‘being transformed by the renewing of my mind’; be renewed in the awareness of God loving me. Sign me up!

Age 47, same score with both Vascillator and Pleaser Love Styles, a Christian for 12 years but only recently began to understand what it means to have a personal relationship with God.

Answer: When I come to the realization about an event that occurred in my life in the past, (that at the time seemed like a coincidence or even insignificant} is clearly an example of God’s providence and purpose, and not a coincidence at all. Those are WOW moments when I realize God really cares for me, He loves me, and He is busy working in and all around my life.

71, Vacillator , Female, 36 years a Christian
Hmmm, I feel loved more by how God works through people. I know God loves me but I still need love from people. Each morning, after I am up for a while, my hubby of 48 years comes out and gives me a kiss. It is the best time of the day.
I always thought my need to be with people came from being an extrovert but it is because I I am a vacillator. My husband is an avoider/introvert but somehow it works. It has taken a long time to not try to change him but to understand him.

I know how you understand him because I have been reading the book but did he ever understand you or did it just help you understand. I have an avoided for a husband too…so my 2nd question is if he does understand you as the oscillator….How did thAt happen?

Apparently, I tend to be a “Controller,” though I also got very high scores in Avoider, Vacillator and Pleaser. I must be a challenge for God to handle! LOL!!! I feel His love the most when He sends me a message, in my darkest times, that shows He cares about me. It may be a scripture that sticks out and makes me cry (in a good way), a phrase used by someone with “skin on” that touches my heart, or even when He corrects me, ever so gently, in order to refine me and help me reflect His image. (“Whom the Lord loves, He also chastens.”),,, Thank you for your ministry!!!

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