I was reading in Acts 27-28, how Paul and his traveling companions were shipwrecked by a powerful storm and ended up on the Island of Malta.

Their lives were spared and God continued to use them as they served the Lord, spreading the Gospel and ministering to people who were in need.

Last Sunday, after Kay and I had finished speaking in Columbia Missouri, we were having dinner at my cousin’s house and a storm hit that was very severe.

Thunder, lightening, rain, hail, with severe winds… it really got our attention.

Eventually it blew over and the weather cleared.

Unfortunately, an hour later, this same storm turned into a tornado that hit Joplin Missouri and the results were devastating and many people were killed.

The next day we drove to the Kansas City airport, our flight to Dallas was cancelled as were many others due to thunder storms in Texas.

We were stranded and the airline could only promise the possibility of getting us home by Wednesday.

We ran over to Southwest Airlines and were able to purchase the last two expensive tickets to San Diego for a five o’clock flight.

We landed in San Diego, took a taxi to the train station, rode the Amtrak to Irvine, took a taxi to John Wayne airport, looked in vain for our luggage, got in our car and drove home.

Our heads hit the pillow at midnight.

As of this morning, we still do not have our luggage… hopefully it will arrive today.

We live in a broken world… I’m broken, the world’s broken… nothing works right.

So we trust God, even when things go awry and get up the next morning to live another day and serve Him.

Eventually, the end of The Apostle Paul’s life came to a close, but until he went home to be with the Lord, he understood his mission and destiny and remained the faithful servant.

Evidently, our home coming was reserved for another day, and we ask you to pray for us as Kay and I continue to serve the Kingdom of God through our counseling and teaching ministries.

God continues to bless what we do, and the hard work seems to be paying off as lives are changing, people become healthier and the quality of relationships improve.

We also pray God’s comfort for the people of Joplin and other towns devastated by tornados and other natural disasters.

Thanks for listening.

Love and Blessings,

Milan & Kay