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Every now and then a book comes along that can profoundly impact the life of readers to an extent that it serves as a tipping point in their life.

We are excited to share with you a book that can provide help and hope for people who are out of work and desperately want to become employed.  The job market is highly competitive and it is not uncommon to have hundreds of applications for a single position.  The first hurdle applicants have is how do I stand out on paper from the crowd of applicants and get to the interview phase?  The next issue facing them is preparing for a great interview.

Sharing this email could be the catalyst that can help a friend or family member get back to work, keep their home and their retirement dreams alive.

“Get Noticed & Get Hired: Action Steps, Strategies and Resources to Become Empowered & Employed” is an Amazon Best Seller for Resume/Career Books and has received 24 “5 Star” reviews.  This book was written by our friend, Steve Matter, a veteran corporate hiring manager who was laid off in 2009 and knows first hand the issues facing the unemployed as they try to re-enter the workforce.

We’ve all watched TV reports showing job seekers looking lost and defeated about sending hundreds of resumes without getting any job interviews.  The Department of Labor reported that 360,000 Americans had given up looking for a job during the month of August.

The numbers of unemployed are staggering. Consider:                                                                                                                                               August 2012 – 12.5 million receiving unemployment benefits

8.1% Unempleyment rate

8.4 million working part-time that can’t find full-time work.

Over 25 million estimated total jobless. 14.7% total Jobless rate – Dept. of Labor.

“The 86 Million Invisible Unemployed” – report on 5/3/12.

Unemployment doesn’t magically stop when the benefits end.

Gallup Poll – April 2012: Two out of three adults know someone who has lost their job in the last six months.

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“Get Noticed & Get Hired” has received several endorsements from business leaders including:

“For anyone seeking to ‘Get Noticed & Get Hired’, here’s your plan of action.”

–       Jack Shuler, Director of Human Resources, Retired, The Boeing Co.

“Steve’s book carries tremendous insight and provides the tools to successfully go through the hiring process during one of life’s toughest dilemmas.”

–       Scott Alevy, President/CEO, San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce

“Get Noticed & Get Hired is a well-written and timely ‘GPS’, that will become your roadmap and, if followed will lead you to your destination of employment.”

– Bill Cooley, President/CEO,

“Steve’s book helps you prepare for the daunting task of getting back into the job market or becoming self-employed.”

– Mike Clawson, Treasurer, Retired, Great Western Financial 

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across the country for those who can use assistance to Get Noticed & Get Hired. 

Your friends may be those 2 out of 3 that knows a person in need.

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