Focus On The Family Broadcast

We are excited to announce that Milan and Kay will once again be on Focus on the Family. The broadcasts will be aired on February 13-14, 2020

The title of the broadcast is: How To Have a Better Sex Life by Understanding Your Love Style I-II

On the scheduled airdate, the streaming audio of this broadcast will appear on our episode page at this address: (day 1) and (day 2) along with a brief description of the conversation you had with Jim.


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Your quiz and then “understanding ” of a person gives no room for the nature that is a person. My brother and myself were raised by the same parents yet we are very different people. Would much change between first and second child? Aren’t the people the same that are raising these children?
I very much agree with the personality that was classified through your personal survey, yet it’s not because of a lack of personal connection with my parents andy up bringing, it is because that is the person and the characteristic that I was going to be be because of the souls that I came from!
I believe that I came from a soup.of souls and a scoop was taken, from previous souls, and that is who I am! And then I had the joy of coming into the life witb my parents and their love and beauty added to who I am! I, as a person, gained from who and how and what they shared with me! I was able to become stronger and more amazing because of of their life being shared with me! Its not a God thing its a LIFE thing being shared with me and also with my brother. We are both our own individuals and strong because of what our parents shared with us not at a detriment from what they shared with us.
I have paid for your site, and I have gained insight from your love styles! Thank you for the insights. Yet I do not believe that it is because of a lack of love in my youth nor something that was missing for me as a child that made me an avoider/pleaser. My parents were reading me as a child and as a soul and I developed because they were growing me as a person. I was going to be this kind of person regardless of what they did. They were helping me flourish as a person. And me as a person developed through all their fucked up process of raising me!
I am me because I waa supposed to be me!!
And i do fall into the categories that you have created and I can learn from the love languages that you talk about, AND it is because of who I am NOT because of detrimental things that happened during my up bringing!!

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