Exciting new versions of the How We Love book now available

We are pleased to announce that you can now get the following versions of the How We Love book on our website:

Audio CD Version: This is the How We Love book narrated onto CDs. For those of you who don’t like to read or don’t have the time and would like to listen to the book while driving in your car, this is for you!

Chinese Version: The book has been translated into Chinese for the Chinese community!

Romanian: We also have the Romanian version of the book available on the website.

For all of these options click into the store and then click on the books tab or you can find them here.


2 Responses to “Exciting new versions of the How We Love book now available”

Hello Friends,
This quiz and material is life-changing. Thank you. I want to spread the word. I don’t see a FB (or any other social media links) to be able to tell others about this valuable tool.
Pray for me? I am looking for a partner to go thru the workbook with me. I have a lot of personal work to do and I need a Godly friend who will learn and grow with me and help me be accountable.
I have been searching for the truth that this tool provided my whole life. After I took the quiz, the truth of who I am was testifying to my heart and soul. Thanking and praising Jesus that I have the support, time, and the right environment to commit to this. So very grateful. Martha

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