Comfort and Relief – Part 5

Comfort and Relief

In the movie “The Bucket List”, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman portray two terminally ill patients who escape from a cancer ward and set out to do a bunch of fun, wild and crazy adventures before they “kick the bucket”.

I must admit that watching my mother languish in a bedridden state for eight years and having open-heart surgery in 13 days, 22 hours and 35 minutes from now is NOT on my “bucket list”.

I would have never picked them as things I would wish to do before I die.

Yet, living in a fallen and broken world, and all of us being “terminal”, we must face losses and pain on a daily basis.

That is, if we wish to live in a state of reality based living and not in a perpetual state of denial.

In this state, we have two choices.

To isolate in pain and suffer alone in a comfortless existence,  OR  to connect with others as we experience pain and suffer together, taking turns listening to one another and providing hugs, prayers and blessings to one another’s lives.

Rather than just writing about comfort, I decided to share my journey with you so you could go along for the ride and see it first hand.

The result?

Last Sunday, we had a memorial service for my mother where a few close friends and family came to remember Mom and to come around our family with care and compassion.  It felt good to sit down and have someone bring me a plate of food and ask me how I was doing and give me hug as they left our house. The letters, cards, flowers, prayers and words of encouragement have been amazing.  Thank you.

Regarding my surgery that will take place in 13 days, 22 hours and 5 minutes, I feel peaceful, knowing I’m not alone in my journey.

Your love, concern, prayer and words of encouragement have been very sustaining to my soul.

I could have never received your comfort had I not been aware of my needs, learned to address them internally, share them with the Lord, and then push through the façade of self-sufficiency and share them with you.

Love and blessings,


PS:  Before my surgery at UCLA on June 18th , I need blood donations at UCLA including:

4 units of whole blood (type O Negative only)

2 units of fresh frozen plasma (any blood type will work).

1 unit of platelets (any blood type will work).

If your blood is as pure as the driven snow, and you live in the LA area and you wish to become a blood brother or sister with me, let me know.  I would be “comforted and relieved”.