A Very Special Blog!

A very special blog!!!!

Our youngest daughter Kelly and her husband Blake Lund gave birth to the most adorable baby boy on December 1, 2013… Brayden Edward Lund. When it comes to smiles and cuteness he got an extra dose of both as God formed him. Of course his mom and dad are both cute and they had something to do with it too! He was also born with a tethered spinal cord. Simply stated, he has a fatty mass which lies just below the skin in his lower back which is attached to the spinal cord. It is a rare occurrence and has the technical name of lipomyelomeningocele. It must be surgically removed in order for the spinal cord to develop normally. This Monday morning March 3rd, Brayden is having surgery at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Please keep our family in prayer as pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Muhonen performs this delicate surgery. I am attaching the link to Kelly and Blake’s prayer blog so you can follow the thoughts, feelings and progress of Brayden’s recovery. Our daughter is an award winning writer and she and her husband have faith to move mountains.
I invite you to into their journey and covet your prayers. http://braydenisbrave.wordpress.com

Love you,